Love a Good Clip Show!

Holy smokes! Been a year of blogging already? Wow…

Where did 2015 even go? Like, seriously…

Anyway, I’ve had a really great time keeping up with this random assortment of nonsense I call a “blog.” I hope you have all had a good time reading it.

Super big shoutout to those following this mess. You guys are awesome, but you seriously have terrible taste. Still, you are each extremely cool people. Each and every one of you. Thank you so much for the likes and comments over the year.

Here’s some quick stats on my site:

Most Viewed Post – The Most Important Post I Will Ever Make

Least Viewed Posts – Raphael Storms the Beach of Hitler’s Face or Excellent Cover Art: Before Watchmen

My Favorite Post – My Top Spider-Man Games or In Meowmoriam

My Least Favorite Post – Don’t Need to Hear About Your Poop…. (just not up to par, imo)

My Most Personal Post – Life Rushing At Me or Waking Up From Hibernation

There. Some stats I thought would be fun.

Anywho, thanks again for reading/liking/commenting. To my followers, a big super special thanks. I have been terrible about the whole “follow back” business, but by the end of the day, I guaranty to be following each of you. Just have been bad about it, like I said. It honestly stems from my Twitter days, where every Tom, Dick and Harry would pour out of the bowels of obscurity, follow an assload of people, demand #FOLLOWBACK, and then unfollow all of them so there page was all “12,467 followers, 2 followed.”

Twitter is full of jerks, you guys.

Here’s to another great year!


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