Breaking Coverage: DC Glamour Shots

DC has been absolutely killing it with their B covers lately, and this week is no exception:

SUICIDE SQUAD lookin all pink but also edgy. I admit, I’ve never really been sold on the like “dark but also neon” thing Suicide Squad has been doing since the movie, but I really dig the dark and grimy twinge Mattina adds into the mix. This definitely works and is better in my opinion than previous B covers, like the Sorrentino run (nothing against Sorrentino, the covers just didn’t sell me).

I’m fairly certain those two are actually beating each other up in the actual comic, so….

Jenny Frison’s Wonder Woman covers have been absolutely astounding for months now. Anyone who has been grabbing each cover since she took over is gonna have a cool set for their collection, that’s for sure (I am jealous).

Sean Phillips doing Constantine is just a match made in heaven (and I am still holding out hope for a Brubaker/Phillips team up on the series, even just a mini, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT DC)

And the star of this week:

Joshua Middleton has out-friggin-done himself on this cover. The face is gorgeously drawn, colors are balanced incredibly well, with a minimalist use of black, purple and orange. Her hair cascading down adds just enough action to keep it from feeling stale.

I mean, look at that damn cover! It’s simple but elegant. Just plain gorgeous, man. Batgirl lookin like she straight off a Nicholas Sparks movie Poster.


Dammit, I just created a fan fiction, didn’t I….. Well, you’re welcome Zac Efron.

Anyway, DC, keep up the good work on these B covers. They’ve been absolutely astounding.

Also, I’m glad he’s getting work, but just make sure Mattina gets a vacation at some point, okay?



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