Breaking Coverage: Phil Noto

From time to time, it’s good to salute the fine, hardworking men and women that give life to the comics we know and love.

This week I wanted to point out Phil Noto. Currently, Noto is doing a run of Marvel 80th Anniversary variants that combine to make the absolutely lovely full image posted above.
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Breaking Coverage: A Twist of the Knife

Batman #50 came out this week, and people are fairly disappointed in the result. For those Not in the know, Batman and Catwoman were getting married this issue, and the event was HIGHLY publicized, with news sites that aren’t even comic-specific reporting on the impending nuptials, most notably the New York Times. Throughout the 26 issues following the proposal, writer Tom King handle the relationship of Bat and Cat extraordinarily well and made their resolve to marry really just fit with their personalities and roles in crime fighting. It was a romance grounded in crazy world of killer clowns and patent-leather justice. Somehow, it just felt real.

So, what happened?
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Breaking Coverage: DC Glamour Shots

DC has been absolutely killing it with their B covers lately, and this week is no exception:

SUICIDE SQUAD lookin all pink but also edgy. I admit, I’ve never really been sold on the like “dark but also neon” thing Suicide Squad has been doing since the movie, but I really dig the dark and grimy twinge Mattina adds into the mix. This definitely works and is better in my opinion than previous B covers, like the Sorrentino run (nothing against Sorrentino, the covers just didn’t sell me). Continue reading

Dream Casting vs Reality

So, flipping through a box of old comics, I find a copy of “Wizard” from August 1995. I open her up to find this:


So I thought “hey, with the new cinema universe building and the Arrow-verse firmly settled, how does the ‘Dream Cast’ for JLA characters hold up to the ones that have actually BEEN cast?”

Let’s find out, shall we.

The Flash (Wally West)


Wizard Casting: Eric Stoltz

Actual Casting: Keiynan Lonsdale

Certainly a different direction taken. No telling at the time of writing this if Wally West will eventually become an actual Flash individual in the show (for the love of Infantino, just don’t call him “Kid Flash” pleeeeease). However, I am always in support of diverse casting and am, honestly, also in support of Eric Stoltz NOT getting cast as something, so it’s a win-win for the actual casting on this one. Also no confirmation on if Keiynan has a um…. “nicer butt” as per the Wizard article…

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Breaking Coverage: Beauty and the Before Watchmen Series

I was going through some old comics at work the other day, and was reminded just how good the covers to the Before Watchmen series were.

For those who are unaware, Before Watchmen was a collection of mini-series that came out around 3 years ago and acted as a prequel to the (in)famous Alan Moore book, The Watchmen.

Now, however you feelĀ about the actual stories or their existence in general, which for Alan Moore is understandably negative, the covers themselves were fantastic.

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