Dream Casting vs Reality

So, flipping through a box of old comics, I find a copy of “Wizard” from August 1995. I open her up to find this:


So I thought “hey, with the new cinema universe building and the Arrow-verse firmly settled, how does the ‘Dream Cast’ for JLA characters hold up to the ones that have actually BEEN cast?”

Let’s find out, shall we.

The Flash (Wally West)


Wizard Casting: Eric Stoltz

Actual Casting: Keiynan Lonsdale

Certainly a different direction taken. No telling at the time of writing this if Wally West will eventually become an actual Flash individual in the show (for the love of Infantino, just don’t call him “Kid Flash” pleeeeease). However, I am always in support of diverse casting and am, honestly, also in support of Eric Stoltz NOT getting cast as something, so it’s a win-win for the actual casting on this one. Also no confirmation on if Keiynan has a um…. “nicer butt” as per the Wizard article…

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern

Wizard Casting: Bruce “Groovy” Campbell

Actual Casting: Ryan “Van Deadpool” Reynolds

Oh come on! You can’t do this to me. You mean, someone somewhere though “Hey let’s put Bruce Campbell in a Green Lantern movie” and they DIDN’T move mountains to make the most fantastic superhero movie ever happen? What the hell 1995? Instead we got Van fucking Wilder crapping all over what could have been an excellent addition to the superhero world. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ryan Reynolds in the right role (like, uh… there was…. um…. how about… uh…. pass?) and I know it was mainly the fault of a crap script, but the possibility alone for Green Lantern Chainsaw Arm references is enough for me to say the Dream Cast would have been much better.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wizard Casting: Rachel McLish

Actual Casting: Gal Gadot

batman v superman gal gadot wonder woman batman vs superman dawn of justice

I for one am happy that a bodybuilder wasn’t cast as Diana. The woman is a Warrior Princess from a super-strong race of Amazonians. To me, she doesn’t NEED to be like rippling with super toned muscles. I think Gal Gadot is going to kick some major ass as Wonder Woman, barring DC avoids the pitfalls the character can occasionally fall into (weakness, needing a man, etc).

Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Wizard Casting: Cary Elwes

Actual Casting: Stephen Amell

Admittedly, I cannot pick a winner here. I feel like both men would bring an entirely different and equally awesome approach to Oliver Queen. Stephen Amell’s gritty-yet-charming Queen is remarkable in the show Arrow, but a more whimsical, Cary Elwes Robin Hood approach would also make for fun screen time. I gotta say, this is a toss up.



Wizard Casting: Kenneth Branagh

Actual Casting: Jason Momoa

This for me is yet another toss up. Kenneth Branagh would have been an excellent Aquaman in 1995, playing the more subtle, refined King of Atlantis. However, with DCs somewhat recent push to BA up Arthur Curry, who better to do the duty than Kal Drogo himself?

Maxwell Lord


Wizard Casting: Sam Neill

Actual Casting: Peter Facinelli


Another toss up because… well… Lord is kind of a generic character and I don’t honestly think he’d be too tough to portray… I mean, even the Wizard blurb seems surprised at his inclusion in the list.




Wizard Casting: Arsenio Em-Effing Hall

Actual Casting: Mark Strong

No… No no no. Go home, 90’s magazine, you’re drunk. Who thought this was even clever? Come on. What next, casting Jack Black as Hal Jordan?… Wait

Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash

Wizard Casting: William Sadler

Actual Casting: Matt Letscher

This one’s close. Letscher’s run as Reverse-Flash has been shorter than other actor who will remain nameless in order to avoid spoilers, but he has done a grand, menacing job and will potentially continue playing this character into future seasons. However, William Sadler is a brilliant actor. Despite that, I think Flash villains by nature are incredibly cheesy, and I just can’t place Sadler’s broody mug up in a yellow, rubber suit. This one goes to the actual casting.


So what have we learned today?

Mostly nothing.

The 90’s were weird and people had weird hair back then.

The people writing articles like this for Wizard were probably incredibly drunk/high/15-year-olds.

DC has been doing a fairly decent job with casting so far. Fingers crossed we get some good casting in the future.



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