Pictures Pictures


I personally don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. I think they’re just a silly way for you to be disappointed in yourself on December 31st. I feel like we should just make daily resolutions and keep it at that.

However, the new year does bring with it a lot of reflecting. Things that could have been or could still be. Things I need to improve upon. Like, for instance, I would like to do more blog posts and start including “life posts” or posts where I just talk about what’s going on in the world of me. I would like to work on more short stories again, the format where I got much of my start and have been very much away from for about a year. These are all just postulates, reflections on could haves/should haves.

One thing does stand out to me: I need to take more pictures. 2015 was a heavy picture year for me. I had my wedding, my honeymoon, took a handful of trips. All along the way someoneĀ else was snapping photos left and right. Looking back on the photos of these events gives me joy, fills me with delightful memories and excitement as if I were right back there.

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