Master of Disguises

Got a busy weekend coming up with various travel and whatnot.

One of the things I will be doing is attending MegaCon in Orlando for a day or so. Now, I don’t really do the cosplay thing. Not because I don’t think cosplay can be fun/cool, just because realistically most costumes I would want to do would require me to wear a wig and honestly wigs freak me out. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been completely bald for a good portion of my life, almost two decades now, and it’s profoundly shaped the way I look at a lot of things (I highly recommend checking out THIS post I made a few months back). However, that’s not what this post is about. No, this post is about something much more vital.

Here are some cheap and simple costume ideas for bald guys for costume parties and beyond:

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Roll Call: Avoiding the Dreaded Tavern

Whether you play RPGs or not, you have more than likely heard the standard cliche of how an RPG commences: All the players just happen to be in a Tavern, either at their own accord when something eventful goes down, or summoned there by some benefactor with a very special quest. The heroes then bound together to accomplish goals, slay monsters and loot the bejesus out of any poor sap that gets in their line of sight.

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The Beauty and Horror of Opportunity

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I think Mr. Rogers gets a bad rap.

In many a discussion, this kind man has been used as scapegoat for people hating on “lazy millenials,” namely pinpointing his constant recitation of his uplifting opinion that we could be anything we want to be. This post admittedly isn’t a rejoinder against the idea that millenials are lazy, which will probably be a later post seeing as how a DESPISE watching so many of my friends grind in creative fields just for people to call us lazy, but then that’s the nature of generational discrimination (I’ve already caught myself and those close to me judging the generation below us for various things). No, this post is focusing directly on that mantra: that you can be anything you want to be.

Growing up, I can vouch that my generation heard this a LOT. I obviously can’t say anything for higher generations, but we heard it on TV and in movies. We heard it from parents, from teachers, from coaches, from counselors. We did exercises in early grades focused on dreaming big and deciding what we want to be in the future. We graduated to a reading from Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” This was the world we lived in: a world that constantly told us to lock in our dreams and do what it takes to achieve those. Continue reading

In Defense of Food

For my first personal blog post in over a month (Thanks again to those who covered April for me), I wanted to cover a very important topic.

So, let’s talk about how great food is.

For those who know me, I don’t eat a particularly large amount of food in a sitting. I don’t really snack too much. I’m actually quite picky, getting me to eat vegetables is a friggin’ chore. However, I appreciate well crafted, well cooked food. I appreciate the appreciation of delicious food. Food is very important to me. I love making it, I love eating it, and I love watching it be made. Continue reading