Guest Post: I Am A Turkey Sandwich

Personally, this month has been a very enjoyable month for me on this blog. I love writing blogs, but I REALLY enjoyed hitting up people in my life that I care about and respect and saying “Write whatever you want.” I think honestly, in the realm of writing, we have this very restrictive stigma. People too often write what other people want. They write for what they think will sell. They write for a school assignment. Rarely do they just sit down and say “Yo, what thoughts do I have that I wanna get out?”

Thank you to everyone involved. Gonna have to do a guest post thing more often. Maybe once a month. I’ll look at the logistics.

Anywho, closing out this month with a lady I’ve always known to be unafraid to speak her mind. My sister in law is a mother of 3 (including 1 set of twins), an Air Force Vet, and a generally fantastic/inspirational human. How my brother ever tricked her into marrying him, I’ll never know. We’re all still figuring it out, really.

Thanks again to all who read and wrote! Much love!                                        ~C

I like turkey sandwiches. It’s pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. You could say I’m a connoisseur of two things: cheap red wine and the turkey sandwich. White bread, swiss cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and sliced turkey. I’m getting hungry just typing that. They’re simple and always yummy. It’s relatively hard to screw up. You can spice them up with bacon or sliced avocado (Panera has an amazing Turkey Avocado BLT…). A fancy bread or a good old sourdough can really make or break it. At the core though, a turkey sandwich is simple; and I like that.  Continue reading

Guest Post: Something Stompy This Way Comes

Image result for mech warrior gif

This week I have a very special entry from a very special homie of mine, Ryan. Get ready to have your heart strings plucked and other emotional things that I can’t properly come up with because, hey, I’m too lazy to write my own blog… What did you expect?                                                           ~C

The original draft of this piece was a bombastic tirade on why feminism is in fact for everybody and why you should reconsider any negative stance you might hold on it.

The second draft of this piece was a bombastic tirade on why football is in fact not just for dumb jocks but rather for anybody that enjoys a bit of alcohol and a lot of adrenaline.

I stand by all that, but this isn’t really my space to score political points, so I threw all that out and decided to preach the gospel of


A 3D rendering of a Bushwacker, a very intimidating Battlemech


A drawing of a Warhammer, an even more intimidating Battlemech


A drawing of an Atlas, the biggest and meanest son of a bitch Battlemech in the universe. Continue reading

Guest Post: How To Make Friends As an Awkward Adult

I am very excited about this week’s post. Camran has always had a delightful way of telling things. Fun note: one of my favorite theatrical performances I have witnessed in my life was watching Camran do The Santaland Diaries back in college.

Hope you all enjoy his post as much as I did!                                                       ~C

As a young adult, friendships always came fairly easily, which I feel has set this expectation that I feel the rest of my life will not be able to fulfill. I’m not being thrown together with people my age that have similar interests on the regs, like in a classroom or club or theatre production. I’ve been spoiled, and now that so many of my favorite people are spread out, I need to seek out new friendships and it’s work. It can’t be that hard to find like-minded people who are fun to talk to and want to put up with my bullshit, right?

Bwahaha, oh yes it can. Continue reading

Guest Post: This Is My Favorite Blog On the Citadel

Week 2 of Guest Blog Month or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Lazy Blogger”

This weeks blog brought to you from one of my closest friends and someone who has gotten me through some rough patches in life. She has a wonderful insight to the power of media and generally just enjoying things.

So enjoy this. Or don’t, if, y’know…. you suck. Your call, jerk.                                  ~C


Christmas is the time of year I love the most. My mother and I have a tradition of leaving the tree up through January. The same handmade skirt has been under every tree I’ve ever had since my very first Christmas in 1986. Even my cat Sciezka loves Christmas time and becomes extremely grumpy when we put presents on what is clearly the best place to take a nap. Taking down the decorations is always a gloomy task for me. Putting away decorations down early (i.e. when Christmas is over like most people) is downright devastating. It’s not much of a surprise. I don’t tire of things easily. My excitement and joy doesn’t diminish when most others are more than ready to move on to the next thing, something new, something else.


Continue reading

Guest Post: Sometimes, I Rage Against My Machine

Hey guys,

First off let me apologize that it’s been a while. The beginning of this year has been harsh. I clinked glasses at midnight Jan 1st and then woke up to find April Fools Jokes. Been nuts.

Anywho, I am back just in time to do a project I wanted to do for a while.

I have a lot of talented, open-minded, creative friends and family. I thought for April, a month with 5 Fridays, I would have some of them come in and share their world. Get a glimpse at what life is like from various points on the spectrum of human experience.

I’m launching this with a (fairly aggressive) post from my wife, Tee.

Enjoy.                                                                                              ~C

Sometimes, it is noticeable. Sometimes, you can tell. And sometimes, it’s not okay. Sometimes, you don’t look cute. You aren’t carrying it well anymore. Sometimes, it’s not in the right places or ‘comfortable’ or just a little extra. Sometimes, you aren’t fucking flattering anymore, with the lumps and the marks and discoloration. Sometimes, it’s not sitting right and you have gone too far and should put down the fucking cheesecake because you don’t need a second slice, you didn’t need a first slice, why is everyone still telling me I look fine? 

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