Guest Post: Something Stompy This Way Comes

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This week I have a very special entry from a very special homie of mine, Ryan. Get ready to have your heart strings plucked and other emotional things that I can’t properly come up with because, hey, I’m too lazy to write my own blog… What did you expect?                                                           ~C

The original draft of this piece was a bombastic tirade on why feminism is in fact for everybody and why you should reconsider any negative stance you might hold on it.

The second draft of this piece was a bombastic tirade on why football is in fact not just for dumb jocks but rather for anybody that enjoys a bit of alcohol and a lot of adrenaline.

I stand by all that, but this isn’t really my space to score political points, so I threw all that out and decided to preach the gospel of


A 3D rendering of a Bushwacker, a very intimidating Battlemech


A drawing of a Warhammer, an even more intimidating Battlemech


A drawing of an Atlas, the biggest and meanest son of a bitch Battlemech in the universe. Continue reading