Guest Post: Sometimes, I Rage Against My Machine

Hey guys,

First off let me apologize that it’s been a while. The beginning of this year has been harsh. I clinked glasses at midnight Jan 1st and then woke up to find April Fools Jokes. Been nuts.

Anywho, I am back just in time to do a project I wanted to do for a while.

I have a lot of talented, open-minded, creative friends and family. I thought for April, a month with 5 Fridays, I would have some of them come in and share their world. Get a glimpse at what life is like from various points on the spectrum of human experience.

I’m launching this with a (fairly aggressive) post from my wife, Tee.

Enjoy.                                                                                              ~C

Sometimes, it is noticeable. Sometimes, you can tell. And sometimes, it’s not okay. Sometimes, you don’t look cute. You aren’t carrying it well anymore. Sometimes, it’s not in the right places or ‘comfortable’ or just a little extra. Sometimes, you aren’t fucking flattering anymore, with the lumps and the marks and discoloration. Sometimes, it’s not sitting right and you have gone too far and should put down the fucking cheesecake because you don’t need a second slice, you didn’t need a first slice, why is everyone still telling me I look fine? 

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