Roll Call: Skills to Pay Bills

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I have been playing tabletop RPGs for a while now. I have read through many different systems and have tried even more. Over the years, I have gotten many of my friends involved in this hobby, one which I personally feel is immensely valuable and enriching. Because of my experience, my friends who are joining or even building new campaigns will often ask me for advice on starting up. Of all the advice I can give, there is always one that I consistently make sure to give: Use skill checks whenever possible. Continue reading

Priorities In a Crisis

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Our nation was hit by a terrible tragedy over the weekend. I know I usually post on Friday’s but I found it hard to remain silent. This tragedy is just one more square added to the quilt of crisis that had been blanketing our world for years. It was an awful, sickening act and a terrible loss. My heart goes out to those who suffered and I will do whatever I can to help, having already donated to whatever causes I could find.

One thing I have to discuss though is the priorities of some people during this time. It is great to me how many people have come out on Facebook and other social media platforms to show their support. Whether you share a post, make a quick shout out, or changed your profile picture, the people involved just want to know that there are people out there with them. Crying for justice, providing them aid, giving them hope. A virtual shoulder to lean on.  Continue reading

Crazy Cat Post

My wife and I own three cats, with only ten legs between them.

For those who are bad at math, that means two of our cats are missing a leg. I suppose it could have also been one cat missing two legs. Or like… one cat with no legs and one cat with six, like some kind of…. cat insect hybrid… which is just absurd. These days we only have insect-human hybrids.

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Marked for Life

I got a new tattoo about a week ago. This one was a particularly interesting experience because I got tattooed right smack in the middle of MegaCon, a huge Comic and etc. convention held in Orlando. Hundreds of people walking by admiring my wonderful pastiness.

As I’m lying there, on my face, having an awesome piece of art carved into the meat of my out-of-shape back, I’m doing that thing I do where I listen to just about every conversation around me at the same time, something I’ve gotten really good at over years of actively listening.

What stood out to me among the wave of voices in the crowd was the sheer amount of people who would walk through and area marked as “Tattoo Alley” and just be loudly negative about tattoos:

“You see that, son, you are NEVER getting one of those.”

“Why would someone ever mark themselves with something permanently?” Continue reading