In Meowmoriam


On Monday, my family’s beloved cat Oscar (pictured) passed away. He had an aggressive type of cancer that apparently develops in outdoor cats with light fur. He fought against it for a long time, but it eventually got the better of him.

To everyone that met him, Oscar represented two things: the pinnacle of a rescued animal and easily the most badass cat to ever exist.

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Breaking Coverage: Beauty and the Before Watchmen Series

I was going through some old comics at work the other day, and was reminded just how good the covers to the Before Watchmen series were.

For those who are unaware, Before Watchmen was a collection of mini-series that came out around 3 years ago and acted as a prequel to the (in)famous Alan Moore book, The Watchmen.

Now, however you feel about the actual stories or their existence in general, which for Alan Moore is understandably negative, the covers themselves were fantastic.

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Tales from the Shop: (In)Appropriately Timed Lyrics

So here’s a thing that happened to me.

At the shop I work at, we listen to random playlists created by the other guy that works there. These playlists are huge and extremely varied, typically consisting of anything from Hall and Oates to Daft Punk to Sleigh Bells to Vampire Weekend to Prince to Van Morrison and beyond. However, sometimes they fall into a theme, namely when we occasionally have a playlist consisting entirely over covers.

The other day we had one of the covers playlist rolling and a song came on that I just couldn’t place. I liked it and recognized elements, but couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

At that point, a woman came into the store. She was nice, cute and a little on the bigger side (not that there is anything wrong with it, it is just relevant to the story).

I greeted her as per norm, but continued trying to decipher the song.

Our conversation went as follows:

Me: How are you today?
Woman: Fine, thank you!
*We exchange polite smiles as she proceeds into the shop*

♫ Oh, you gotta take me home tonight ♫

My Brain: What is this damn song?
Me: Is there anything I can help you find?
Woman: No, I’ve just never been in here and figured I’d check it out.

♫ Down beside that red fire light ♫

My Brain: Wait…
Me: Well, if you need any help finding anything, let me know!

♫ Oh you gotta let it all hang out ♫

My Brain: Oh God, no….
Woman: Thank you so much!
Me: Not a problem!

*We again exchange polite smiles. As we do, the silence of the room merely seems to amplify the next line of lyrics.*


*She silently looks at me, I silently look at her. She clears her throat and psuedo-calmly begins perusing comics. I go back to my sorting job, sufficiently awkwarded.*

Damn you, Freddy Mercury and your lyricism…


A Guide to Comics: Marvel Men Part 4

Back at it, here goes!

Marvel Men: 1  2  3
Marvel Women: 1  2  3

  • Character Summary: Bruce Banner – Nerdy, Scientist type; Fairly reclusive and lacking in social grace; tends to have an air of nervousness about him, which may be do to the fact that if his emotions get out of control he turns into a GIANT GREEN RAGE MONSTER AND SMASHES STUFF.
  • Common Themes: Beast within; Who is in control; The innocent fugitive and the misunderstood beast; redemption and contrition; War and Anti-War philosophy (subtexts); Counterculture and rebelling against popular discourse (subtexts)
  • Good For: Hulk stories are typically surprisingly deep, and I honestly think people shy away from them due to the assumption that they’re just big beat-em-up tales. I recommend everyone pick up and read at least one Hulk story or series.
  • Go To Series: World War Hulk, Hulk: Destruction, Hulk: The End, The Incredible Hulk (2012), Hulk: Gray
  • Stand Out Stories: Planet Hulk, The Brute That Shouted Love at the Heart of the Atom, The Lone and Level Sands, The Intelligent Hulk Saga (Collected in Trades “Pardoned” and “Regression”)

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