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Motivation is an odd little thing. We all need it, having built our society around it. In it’s basest form, it’s driven by hunger or need for shelter, and yet it can be directed in incredibly complex ways to achieve projects and remarkable magnitude. Some people find motivation in ego, others in fear, and others still in both. Yet, despite our need for motivation, it is fleeting, disappearing sporadically for brief moments or long periods of time. Stress, anxiety and depression can suck motivation away, but so can contentment or complacency.

Now, it’s been beaten to death that sticking to a schedule can help combat the lack of motivation to work on projects by making the task a typical part of your day-to-day. Also, plenty of people have discussed the importance of exercise, sleep and diet to help relieve some of the things that may caused a lack of motivation, like depression and anxiety. However, what people don’t realize is that sometimes it extends beyond these things. What happens if the tips and advice no longer work? What happens if we are not depressed, but still can’t get near our art? What if we sit to write and the words just don’t come even though we’ve perfected our sleep cycle? What happens when projects or chores or work goes unfinished because despite feeling focused we just simply can’t?
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Breaking Coverage: Shippin’ Out to West Coast

Occasionally, a cover comes along that just perfectly summarizes the direction the comic market is going oh so perfectly.

Case in point, Marvel and this week’s cover to West Coast Avengers #1.

West Coast

Let’s look at the characters on that scooter, real quick:

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) = Solo Title – Cancelled – Last Issue 3/7/18

Gwenpool = Solo Title – Cancelled – Last Issue 2/28/18

America Chavez = Solo Title – Cancelled – Last Issue 2/28/18

Quentin Quire = Team Series (Generation X) – Cancelled – Last issue 2/21/18

Fuse = Brand new to the series, was also in Kate Bishop’s solo series (?)
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A Quick Disney World Guide, Pt. 2

Part One, for those who missed it.

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Animal Kingdom
The Laid Back One

Best Ride: Expedition Everest. Wonderfully themed, delightful and entertaining queue. Theme persists throughout ride while delivering an enjoyable roller coaster experience.

Best Show: Tough, because this park has some pretty stellar shows, but I gotta go with UP! A Great Bird Adventure. Because birds are awesome.

Best Snack Spot: Creature Comforts is right up front and is a great place to grab some pastries and Starbucks coffee on your way in or your way out. The Africa section of the park has the widest variety of snack options if your group is like mine and everybody wants something different. Head to that area for pastries, coffee, ice cream, panini, a sweets shop and even fresh fruit.
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A Quick Disney World Guide, Pt. 1

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As we approach the end of the summer, we get ever closer to the time of the year when my friends and I start hitting the Walt Disney World parks. We absolutely LOVE going to the parks, especially in the fall when everything cools down and the summer crowds have dissipated (though summer crowds have apparently been down lately, so if you don’t mind the heat, might be a great time to go). It’s magical being able to roam free in cool fall evening and just enjoy the heck out of every inch of a park. I cannot wait to go back.

I’ve gone to the Disney World Resort an absolute TON over the years, and I’ll often have people ask me which park is my favorite, a question to which I generally don’t have an answer. I find myself going to Epcot considerably more but that’s typically just because we’re taking part in one of its many festivals. I think each park really has its own perks and appeal. They definitely all still feel like a theme park, but between different aesthetics, food offerings, entertainment options and general layout, they honestly each stand apart from one another, satisfying different goals that a group may have.

Below I’m going to lay out my guide to the Fab Four of Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. I won’t be discussing the water parks, since I have not actually been (just not a fan of water parks, tbh), and I won’t be including Disney Springs, though I absolutely love the Springs and you should totally go.
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