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Motivation is an odd little thing. We all need it, having built our society around it. In it’s basest form, it’s driven by hunger or need for shelter, and yet it can be directed in incredibly complex ways to achieve projects and remarkable magnitude. Some people find motivation in ego, others in fear, and others still in both. Yet, despite our need for motivation, it is fleeting, disappearing sporadically for brief moments or long periods of time. Stress, anxiety and depression can suck motivation away, but so can contentment or complacency.

Now, it’s been beaten to death that sticking to a schedule can help combat the lack of motivation to work on projects by making the task a typical part of your day-to-day. Also, plenty of people have discussed the importance of exercise, sleep and diet to help relieve some of the things that may caused a lack of motivation, like depression and anxiety. However, what people don’t realize is that sometimes it extends beyond these things. What happens if the tips and advice no longer work? What happens if we are not depressed, but still can’t get near our art? What if we sit to write and the words just don’t come even though we’ve perfected our sleep cycle? What happens when projects or chores or work goes unfinished because despite feeling focused we just simply can’t?
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