Should I Stay or Should I Go

Let’s talk about leisure time.

When it comes to time away from work or obligations, there are two camps of people. There are those that choose to be active (day trips, nightlife, sports and other outdoor things, etc.) and those that choose to remain inactive (reading, watching movies, playing board games, etc.). Now, for some reason the people of these two camps have decided that the opposite is inherently wrong and that they should be shamed. I’ve seen this happen on Facebook, in blog posts, in just normal conversation. It’s odd to me since we’re just talking about leisure or things you do in your spare time to unwind. And yet active people call inactive folks lazy or boring while the inactive think an overabundance of activity is frivolous or costly. It’s all nonsense.

Both camps are correct, because we’re talking about leisure. It’s all about how YOU want to unwind. Whatever takes the edge of the week off and leaves you feeling re-energized.

Like I’ve said in past posts (like so) I delight in experiences. I love going places, seeing new things, encountering exciting moments and meeting strangers. I am as far into the active camp as I can be. Sure, I’ll sit around and play video games from time to time, but sitting around often leaves me yearning to go go go. This has definitely been tough, since the immediate group I associate with is predominantly in the opposite camp. They like movie nights, board game nights, drinking games at home. I enjoy these things as well, but under the condition that there is some sort of activity between them. Admittedly, sometimes it’s left me a bit frustrated or feeling alone. I just want to share these experiences with them, with the people I love more than anything else, but it doesn’t always happen.

And you know what, that’s fine.

Returning to the original point of this post, ANY way that you choose to unwind is an acceptable way to do so. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting at home, exploring your the world around you, or dressing like a gorilla and chasing hikers (welp, there’s my Saturday plans). There’s only ONE important thing when it comes to relaxing: YOU. It’s about what YOU want. If the people around you don’t want to do something, decide which is more important: the social experience or your preferred event.

And right there is the source of my recent revelation: There is actually a THIRD camp.

People who just like to socialize, regardless of the amount of effort put into it.

Some people just want to watch the world laugh. They just want to talk and tell stories. They want to have a group of friends that they share with and joke with and do stupid BS with. True, it’s important for everyone to socialize at least a bit, whether it be with family or a group of friends or with a massive web of acquaintances and beyond. But for some the friendship IS the leisure time. They unwind by being with people who make them laugh and smile. The energy and stress is released in the company of people they care for. For me, I may be more in that camp after all. Don’t get me wrong, I will always yearn for more adventures, but as long as I have these awesome people in my life, maybe sitting around and watching terrible horror movies is exactly what I need.

Maybe they’re the adventure.


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