The Weirdest Standardized Test I’ve Taken…

I voted today.

In lieu of taking yet another “Voting Sticker Millennial Selfie” I’ve decided to join the cacophonous chatter of “Vote or Die” folks.

Seriously, go vote. There is really no good excuse not to if you have the actual right and ability to do so.

“I don’t like either candidate” – Fine, vote for whichever candidate you dislike least or educate yourself on third party options.

“My job doesn’t allow time off for voting” – absentee ballots are a thing, yo. Look into it.

“It doesn’t matter who we vote for, the system is still so messed up blah blah corporations blah blah conspiracy nonsense” – true, the system has some major flaws. However, the only way we nurture an environment of change is by letting everyone who might be in a position to help or hurt the change know that they are up against a wave of educated, involved voters. If voter turnout remains low, people remain silent, then change is impossible

“The system is stacked against me/us/them” – see above

“I like a Third Party candidate, but that’s throwing away a vote” – That’s like not going to see a movie because it’s not a blockbuster, or never going to concerts that aren’t in massive arenas. It’s okay to want to break from the flow of what we as a society have decided is “the norm” and vote for a third party candidate. In fact, if you like them so much, you should be helping others learn more about them and ultimately stick by your guns in the truest way possible by ACTUALLY voting for that individual.

With elections of all kinds, there are two main things you should do. In order: Learn and vote. That’s it. It’s that simple and it’s become INCREDIBLY more simple with Ol’ Uncle Interwebs. The main thing is to vote. Help decide the future of our country, our society, and do so with a knowledge as to WHY you’re voting the way you are. “I like them better” or “At least it’s not so and so” or silly party loyalty is not enough these days. We need to have solid, grounded reasons to vote for who we vote for, regardless of who that may be. Own your choice and feel the pride that comes with making an educated, decisive vote. Continue to have whatever rituals you may have: live streaming your reactions to debates (which I love to read), standing on a corner waving signs, even the voting sticker selfies. Just do so as an educated, active participant in a system we’re lucky enough to be a part of.

Happy voting, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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