MORDOR KOMBAT II: The Two Slaughters

A long time ago, I did a blog post about “what if Lord of the Rings was a stylized fighting game a la Mortal Kombat?” It was a completely dumb post, nobody read it, and it contributed nothing to the community.


……….Anyway, here’s MORDOR KOMBAT II


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Frodo Baggins
  • Frodo sticks exclusively to kick-based attacks, showing off his powerful gams he’s developed from walking most of the way across Middle Earth. Seriously, he may be small but after all that walking this Hobbit got thighs like an Instagram fitness model.
  • Fatality: Frulk Smash! – Frodo notices that his opponent somehow stole his ring, which causes him to squeal with rage and grow to enormous size, his muscles expanding to match his new-found stature. Now a 4-foot tall behemoth, Frodo pounds his opponent into oblivion.

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Mordor Kombat: Fellowship of the PAIN

One day I sat and asked myself: What if Lord of the Rings was a brutal, stylized fighting game?



Frodo Baggins

  • Fighting Style: Fast and nimble: Frodo is quick on his feet to stay just one step ahead of his enemies! It may look like he’s running away, but he is totally actually fighting, believe me. Well, maybe… NO yeah, he’s totally not running away. That’s crazy.¬†Each strike Frodo throws is accompanied by his cries of battle, such vicious sounds as “eh” and “ugh” and other totally not whiney noises!
  • Fatality: Frodo disappears with Sam, leaving his enemy (and sometimes friends) to be captured and carried away by Orcs.

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