You Too Can Shoot First!

The Mandalorian GIF by Star Wars

The Mandalorian is great, but if you want more than what the show provides, it can be yours in Edge of the Empire!

Unless you’ve been living in a dark, secluded cave for the past few months, you’ve probably heard about Disney+ and all the wonderful content it provides. From various new and exciting Marvel projects to all the Disney Channel Original Movies one person can handle (binge responsibly), Disney+ is a veritable nerd Mecca for those young at heart or generally in the mood for some fun. As the months and years roll on, Disney will be rolling out various original shows that will only be found on the platform, which has the internet teeming with excitement. However, we got our first taste of this fresh new content right at launch with a brand new Star Wars IP, the Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian introduces us to the titular character as he tries to make a name for himself among his people and continue to be the best there is at what he does. He’s a rootin’, tootin’ just about anybody shootin’ merc who gets a particularly well paying job from some less than desirable fellows. As he reaches his target, things begin to be a bit unclear, and our Mando is left with some serious choices and a COMPLETELY ADORABLE little burden. Many people have reviewed this show by calling it “Cowboys in Space,” but that just feels too simplistic, so I’m going to say it’s like Cowboys in the Outer Rim of a Galaxy Far Far Away. Nailed it. Checkmate.
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Roll Call: So, you lost…

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One of the hardest things for both Players and GMs in any campaign is loss. Not just the actual loss or death of a character, but the players actively failing a scenario. This could manifest as something as massive as a total party kill or as simple as failing to save an NPC or solve a mystery. However big or small, failure can do massive damage to the motivation of the Players, both in regards to their movement in the game and even actually wanting to play again in real life.
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Roll Call: Avoiding the Dreaded Tavern

Whether you play RPGs or not, you have more than likely heard the standard cliche of how an RPG commences: All the players just happen to be in a Tavern, either at their own accord when something eventful goes down, or summoned there by some benefactor with a very special quest. The heroes then bound together to accomplish goals, slay monsters and loot the bejesus out of any poor sap that gets in their line of sight.

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The Loser’s Dogma

I don’t understand people that act out when they lose.

I get competitiveness and the urge to win. It’s more the people that play a harmless game with friends and get moody when they lose or even think they’re losing.

I say this knowing full well I have been that person numerous times, but that’s mainly because my wife is supposed to love me and not SCREW ME OVER WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THAT CARD I WAS ABOUT TO WIN I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME YOU BI-



Seriously, though. Some of the most fun I’ve had playing games, board or video variety, have been when I no longer have to worry about winning.

Let me tell you about the first time I played the game Talisman.

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Chopped Drinking Game

I missed posting last week because, well, I was fried and generally exhausted.

What better way to come back than a guide for how to get wasted while watching people stress of making food with ridiculous ingredients?

The “Chopped” Drinking Game

Everyone knows the show “Chopped,” right? Well if you don’t, it is a Food Network show (available on Netflix) that involves four chefs competing to wow three judges making meals in three rounds: Appetizer, Entree and Dessert. The catch is that in each round they have a basket with four ingredients that MUST be included in the dish. These ingredients range from normal, everyday things to odd and sometimes gross items. At the end of each round, the judges will select one chef to be eliminated, or “Chopped,” and the remaining will proceed into the next round until only one remains at the end of the final round. This person then gets some money, which gets taxed to Bejesus and back, but we don’t care because we’re all wasted.

Let’s get drunk!

At the start, everyone playing picks a chef. Do this after the goofy little intros so everyone can get a feel for the chef’s personality and whatnot. This is your chef that you will follow until they win or are eliminated. All rules will apply to things that happen to your chef. They are your guide to the drink. On to the rules.

You drink when your chef:

  • is in the pantry
  • looks expressively nervous
  • trash talks another player (in person or in the interview)
  • says a potty word (typically, just when they’re bleeped, but you can play with all profanity if, yknow… you’re offended by shit like that)
  • receives negative feedback from a judge (this includes both the cooking phase AND the judgement phase)
  • uses the ice cream machine (it’s a big deal in Food Network shows, who knows…)
  • discusses their background (family, prison, childhood, education, etc.)
  • discusses their heritage or nationality

EVERYONE takes a drink when:

  • The odd/disgusting ingredient is revealed
  • ANY chef says something lame/cheesy/embarassing
  • (If watching on TV) Commercials!

Take FIVE drinks if your chef:

  • Cuts their hand (or other body part I guess… but… what are your other body parts doing near the food… You know what? FIVE MORE DRINKS because you picked one creepy ass chef…)
  • Gets hot oil on the face or eyes (their sorrow is our sorrow/joy)
  • Drops food on the floor (FIVE MORE if they still serve that food…. Multiple chefs have done it in the past…)
  • Leaves out an ingredient or otherwise drastically fucks up their dish

FINISH YOUR DRINK when your chef gets eliminated. Then, once you’re ready, select another chef and get ready for the next round. Anyone playing should have a chef AT ALL TIMES. If yours is eliminated, you are not out of the game, you just jump on to another team. Booze waits for no man.

Alternate rules:

  • The same thang: If two or more chefs cook ultimately the same dish, all chefs involved take a drink.
  • Wagers: Who doesn’t like gambling? This rule works especially well when watching on Netflix/YouTube. After the ingredients are shown, pause the episode. Anyone interested can make ANY sort of wager toward the round. The wager can involve anything from “I think someone is going to fry the clams” to “I think the blonde chick is going to get eliminated.” Next to your wager you place an amount of drinks (or shots, if you are a real thrill seeker….). If your wager ends up being correct, you give those drinks. If you are wrong, you take them. NOTE: it’s up to the group to keep the wagers and drink amounts reasonable. I.e. make sure nobody in the group is like “I bid 20 shots that someones uses a pan this round.” Let’s all play nice folks.
  • Nicknames: This is just how my group works, but we like to give all the chefs nicknames after their intros. Sometimes when you’ve been drinking, actual names are elusive. So watch the intros and come up with fun, often offensive nicknames for the chefs. I’m sure they’d appreciate it (except “Chef Asshat,” but I mean… he’s an asshat…)

SO there you have it. I came up with this game with the help of my friend Allison on New Years Eve a couple years ago and have since played it many times. I think. Memory isn’t what it used to be, for some reason.

FINAL NOTE: Remember to ALWAYS drink responsibly. Know your limits, know your body, and never NEVER drive while intoxicated. I enjoy the drink, but in no way am I promoting being irresponsible.

Anywho, give it a shot (hyuck) and tell me what you think.

And tell your liver I’m sorry…


My Favorite Games Right Now

game animated GIF

Not a creative title, I know. Look, sometimes you have to sacrifice wit for SEO.

Well, fine, I didn’t know you felt that way. Then go! No one’s stopping you!

Sorry you had to see that, guys. They’ll be back. They always come back.

Anywho, imaginary conversations with invisible people aside, I wanted to today share ┬ásome of my favorite tabletop board/card games that I have played so far. I’ve been addicted to games lately and working in a gaming/comic shop hasn’t helped. I have collected a bunch of games over the past… year… wow, it’s really only been about a year or so that I’ve been buying up games… I have a problem…

I don’t necessarily own all these games and some I’ve only played once but had a great time doing so. I’ll list pros and cons of each and give a brief review of my experience.

Here goes. My Top 6 Games I’ve Played (in no particular order):

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