I absolutely love the ocean. For some reason, my entire life, I have loved the ocean. The sounds, the smell, the cool water, all of it soothes me. In times of severe stress I find myself YEARNING for it, imagining it. I sometimes listen to ocean sounds while I read or write just for how it calms me. I’ve just always felt this connection, a strong pull to the shores of the world, where this endless blue abyss meets land.

What’s bizarre is that the ocean absolutely terrifies me. I will never be caught too far from land, and the idea of some sort of ocean voyage, cruise ship or otherwise, is completely out of the question. Rogue waves, horrible undersea beasts, the endless stretch on uninhabitable blue death. My single greatest fear is the idea of treading water in the middle of the ocean. Something about being stranded in a place where any number of things can take my life and I would be very much unaware of its approach, and even if I saw it coming, I could do very little to prevent my doom, since humans are horribly ill-equipped to handle water on our own. Seriously, fuck the ocean, man…
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