How hard is it to not be a slob? (Part 2)

The epic saga continues.

Seriously, though… People are gross. Like, have you ever been in close proximity with someone you know did not bathe and probably hasn’t for days. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t bathe every day, but good Lord, bro… how do you not smell yourself?

BO bothers me… and bad breath… pet peeves, I guess. Just try to smell nice… please.

Totally unrelated rant…

Tip 1


The oven and stove area is one of the hardest areas to clean. The amount of burnt grease and food, and just general stainage that gets on the drip pans and around the base of the oven is sometimes ridiculous. Cleaning these areas, particularly the oven, often takes special tools or cleaners to do a thorough job. So what is the easiest way to get these areas clean?

Don’t get them dirty in the first place.

Now I’m not saying don’t ever use the oven/stove, because this isn’t a sex ed class in Alabama. I’m saying practice safe cooking. Spills happen no matter how good of a chef you think you are, and anything you put in the oven to bake is liable to bubble over even slightly. However, plastics, vinyls and paper would easily melt and burn if used to protect these areas from random goop. So what to do? How long must we wait for someone to invent some sort of sheet of material that is easily cut into specific sizes, fits and forms around specific shapes, conducts heat, doesn’t burn and can be easily replaced?

Oh… tin foil…

Yes, foil. Tin or aluminum or Nth metal foil is a perfect way to prevent your pristine stove top and oven from ever seeing the scorn of burnt bacon grease or spilled Kraft Spongebob macaroni and cheese (a depressing glimpse into my daily dietary choices).

Find that you’re getting grease and discarded food stuffs all over your precious drip pans? Wrap it before you Saute it! Simply wrap those bad boys in foil and cook away, Merrill! Then just change the foil once every month or so (more if you’d like), and you have fresh drip pans. Will it look as classy during those dinner parties? Hell no, but learn to cook better and maybe your friends won’t judge the appearance of your kitchen as much.

For the oven, much the same way. Simply lay a triple layered flat sheet of foil across the bottom to catch any spills or drips. Boom. At move-out, clean ass oven. No fuss. No fees.

Obviously, make sure the oven is off before replacing foil (disclaimer just in case, I don’t want to get sued).

So yeah, think I have one more tip coming. stay tuned!

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