Also, it has Candy Crush…

I don’t understand people who shame others for using their smart phones excessively. Like, I get parts of it. It’s rude to have your face glued to your phone, constantly texting people while at work or socializing with others. I personally get annoyed with people when I’m hanging out and they’re just tap tapping away texts to someone else, especially when that crap happens while we’re trying to play an RPG or board game [I actually put a rule into play for game nights called the “attentive rule” wherein if you are texting, snoozing, browsing the web, or other forms of being pre-occupied, you will be asked to leave, because friendships like rules, right (file under: none of my friends like me)]. However, the above issues apply to more than just texting. Talking/watching TV/simply looking away while someone is talking is as rude as texting. Excessively doing anything that isn’t work while at work is as irresponsible as being on reddit the whole day.

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In Defense of the Crowded and Expensive

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So, I mentioned last week during my whole entirely important Jurassic Park rant that I have been to the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure, and it got me thinking about theme parks. Namely, how I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by people who like to hate on them. Me, I absolutely ADORE theme parks, but at times I feel like I’m the only one in certain social circles. Here I am, the lone fan, the guy with annual passes to Disney World and who used to have annual passes to Universal until they decided to add metal detectors onto the roller coasters and staff said detectors with some of the rudest employees they could muster up (ultimately, there were other factors to dropping the Universal passes, but this was a large factor).

I think what bothers me is that the complaints are MOSTLY unfounded or at least not as founded as they could be, especially considering I am usually having these conversations with people that live just about an hour away from these parks. Main complaints are typically:



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Talk About a Lost World

So, I recently watched the three Jurassic Park movies over, having not seen them in a while. They were on TV so I was able to watch them close together. It had me thinking about Jurassic World, since the next one of those films is coming up and the hype train has been rolling with the news that Jeff Goldblum would be involved.

I wanna set this up with the fact that I am a HUGE Jurassic Park fan. I grew up on those movies, first seeing them at an age where every kid is obsessed with dinosaurs to a degree. Over my life, I’ve watched these films tons of times, learned many of the lines and use them in normal conversations, because I am a totally cool person and not weird in any way. My first time going to the Jurassic Park area of Universal Studios was like reaching El Dorado, despite the awkward looks received when one loudly states “man, if only people were actually in danger of getting eaten alive, that would be swell” because blah blah a twelve year old should keep those kinds of thoughts inside blah blah what’s wrong with you. Continue reading

Guest Post: A Day Without Us

So, I wish she had let me see this on Wednesday, but I need to post this thing that was written by my wife, Tee. I feel like it very adequately wraps up the counterpoint to many of the arguments that fly through social media whenever there is some sort of protest/awareness day, whether it be facebook profile pics or taking the day off work. Enjoy.


I have to write it down because it’s making me absolutely crazy, and maybe this will calm my spirits.
A lot of folks don’t know the context, or assume it’s all a stunt for publicity or marketing or whatever. But it’s actually a display in solidarity. Let me explain.

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Sometimes I have people say to me:

“Hey, you watch a lot of movies and read a bunch and stuff. Maybe you should use that blog thing to do some reviews.”

Well, imaginary person, I just don’t know if that’s something I can do.

I actually have a serious problem with many, if not most reviews. I think the main problem is that there exists this idea among people who choose to review things that having a negative opinion somehow makes your opinion smarter. There is a hoard of nearly mindless contrary zombies groaning out whatever sound-bite they’ve decided to latch in on regarding a particular film, and though that is the only real negative aspect they might be able to focus on, they do so with fervor and completely negate any good that may be remaining in the film.  Continue reading

Alternative Facts

Been a busy two weeks for me. My cat, Weebles, was hospitalized for most of the past two weeks. Been dealing with that and work and various projects. Just generally busy.

And apparently I’m not the only one.

President Trump spent his first few office days doing the political equivalent of releasing a raunchy fart on a crowded school bus and the world has been understandably abuzz.

I think what shocks me the most as I browse various social outlets are the gobs of individuals from both sides that believe just flat out falsehoods about this presidency. They take to Facebook or Twitter and try to convince others of these things, omitting or refusing to accept just how wrong their stance is.

Let’s clear up some of these myths, huh?
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B-B-B-Busy and the Chris

It’s been a hectic summer.

Kicking off with an enjoyable convention trip in May, my last few months have been wrought with trips, a promotion that increased my weekly hours by about 40%, various assorted weekend obligations, Long drives for short visits, a 48 hour film challenge, and then a two weekend recovery period from all the motion.

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Marked for Life

I got a new tattoo about a week ago. This one was a particularly interesting experience because I got tattooed right smack in the middle of MegaCon, a huge Comic and etc. convention held in Orlando. Hundreds of people walking by admiring my wonderful pastiness.

As I’m lying there, on my face, having an awesome piece of art carved into the meat of my out-of-shape back, I’m doing that thing I do where I listen to just about every conversation around me at the same time, something I’ve gotten really good at over years of actively listening.

What stood out to me among the wave of voices in the crowd was the sheer amount of people who would walk through and area marked as “Tattoo Alley” and just be loudly negative about tattoos:

“You see that, son, you are NEVER getting one of those.”

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The Beauty and Horror of Opportunity

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I think Mr. Rogers gets a bad rap.

In many a discussion, this kind man has been used as scapegoat for people hating on “lazy millenials,” namely pinpointing his constant recitation of his uplifting opinion that we could be anything we want to be. This post admittedly isn’t a rejoinder against the idea that millenials are lazy, which will probably be a later post seeing as how a DESPISE watching so many of my friends grind in creative fields just for people to call us lazy, but then that’s the nature of generational discrimination (I’ve already caught myself and those close to me judging the generation below us for various things). No, this post is focusing directly on that mantra: that you can be anything you want to be.

Growing up, I can vouch that my generation heard this a LOT. I obviously can’t say anything for higher generations, but we heard it on TV and in movies. We heard it from parents, from teachers, from coaches, from counselors. We did exercises in early grades focused on dreaming big and deciding what we want to be in the future. We graduated to a reading from Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” This was the world we lived in: a world that constantly told us to lock in our dreams and do what it takes to achieve those. Continue reading