Obligatory Welcome Post – Code: H247-5Z

So, this is it. This it is. My blog.

Now, the sites around the interwebs about starting a blog stick to one credo: write what you know. Which is super good advice.

Oh wait, I know nothing…

Crap, well, I’ll just write about nothing. I’ll make the Seinfeld of blogs. Only it will be like one of those Kramer heavy episodes where everyone is kind of like “okay, this is goofy and all, but what is George up to?”

This blog is mainly going to be my musings on whatnot, random tidbits, Comic stuff, Movie stuff, Tabletop stuff, goofy attempts at being funny that will inevitably fail, and maybe occasional bits of good advice or deep thinking (well… “deep”).

What you should know about me: I am currently on a journey of discovery to figure out what my place in life is going to be. Recently, I quit my standard 9 to 5 job so that I could have more time to write and flex my creative muscles and try to make something out of nothing. Another thing to know is that I have an overflowing cup of aspirations for everything from being a comedian to owning a food truck to living in a shack on the beach and selling shells for a living (hence the blog title of my self-imposed nickname “The Everything Kid”). These aspirations, I believe, are my way of escaping a deep-rooted, sometimes crippling depression that I’ve dealt with for years. I haven’t really said this to many aside from my beautiful fiance, Tee, but I feel like it’s time to call it what it is. Now, I’m not saying this to rope in some sympathy or pity, quite the opposite. My condition is part of my journey, and is one of the main motivators in taking the steps to be where I am today. Working where I was took my depression into overdrive, causing me to feel angry all the time and hurting my relationships with people around me. It also sapped all motivation from me each and every day, leaving me feeling empty and sluggish. Thus, I had to step away and find something else. I don’t see Depression as a weakness or an excuse, I see it as a challenge. It’s my Everest. This is me climbing it.

[As a side note, I hold no contempt to the company and people I worked with. They are all beautiful, wonderful people, and I wish them the best of luck. The work itself was just rough and forced me into negative situations far too often.]

I am so grateful to my fiance for supporting me in this decision, and I aim to make her proud and make this whole thing worthwhile. We’ll see though. It could all go south, just be a complete flop. But at the same time, failure is always a constant threat no matter what we do. There is always a chance that a big endeavor won’t work out. There are always going to be smaller failures in any activity/hobby/job/criminal enterprise, regardless of how good you believe you are. I would rather attempt to live my life the way I want than avoid it out of fear, even if failure is the end result. Better to be trapped in an office and say “well, I gave it my best go,” than to be staring out the window, wondering what could have been.

This blog is my outlet for whatever I need it to be. I don’t expect people to read it, but I appreciate if you do. Just a point: I won’t be posting much about projects or anything that I’m working on. I don’t like being too noisy about things I’m trying to produce just in case and because I’m superstitious. As for videos and such, Tink Tink will have a separate page for those, and I’ll post links (eventually) on my Facebook. Keep up on Facebook and Twitter for those things.

To family and friends reading this, I appreciate you all. As this continues, I plan to keep things funny and entertaining, or rather I’ll try to. Just expect things to be more PG-13 than PG (that’s my “sorry, Mom” disclaimer). I will also probably be posting at least once a week, maybe more. Please drop me some likes or comments or whatever either here or on Facebook if you’re enjoying yourself. Or even if you’re not. That’s fine. Be an ass. That’s just who you are.

Thanks again to everyone for support and believing in me. Here goes nothing!


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