Breaking Coverage: A Twist of the Knife

Batman #50 came out this week, and people are fairly disappointed in the result. For those Not in the know, Batman and Catwoman were getting married this issue, and the event was HIGHLY publicized, with news sites that aren’t even comic-specific reporting on the impending nuptials, most notably the New York Times. Throughout the 26 issues following the proposal, writer Tom King handle the relationship of Bat and Cat extraordinarily well and made their resolve to marry really just fit with their personalities and roles in crime fighting. It was a romance grounded in crazy world of killer clowns and patent-leather justice. Somehow, it just felt real.

So, what happened?
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Awesome Fun Time Over: Now Returning To Real World

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Last week was eventful mainly because…

I got hitched!

Yes, yes, someone finally made an honest woman out of me.

er… uh… man…

Thank you to everyone who came and braved the sunshine to be with Tee and I. It really meant a lot to see everyone who came down to Saint Augustine and had fun with us. We had a blast and are so very tired and sun-burnt.

Also, I finally no longer have to call Tee my “fiance” which is just an awkward word.

Yep, she’s my “ball and chain” now. Much better.

Admittedly, though, it’s very bittersweet that the wedding is over. Tee and I have been living together for almost a decade before even tying the knot, so there isn’t a lot of the “newlywed” mystique. We gave ourselves a long engagement and spent the better part of a year planning and saving for this shindig, and now it’s just over. Kind of bumming me out.

That’s the worst part of vacations, though: The week back. It always seems rainier/ cloudier/ busier/ more boring than any other week. It’s like you spent so much time looking forward to something, and then it’s over and the future looks like this gray mass of monotony that will never end.

That is, until you plan something else.

See, I feel like life should be about adventure. Call it escapism, call it wanderlust, whatever, but travel, adventure and spontaneity blended together all make life enjoyable, in my opinion. I feel like life should be lived from adventure to adventure. Give yourself something to look forward to. When that fun vacation ends, plan a new one! Like me, for instance, awesome week with my closest friends and family in Saint Augustine is over, and that bites, but already I am planning:

  • My Honeymoon Roadtrip for April
  • A weekend in Daytona at the end of summer with my friends
  • A Vegas trip for next year (co-planned by my bud/best man Ryan)

Now, I’m sure there are a lot of live-in-the-moment peeps that are thinking “if you live only in the future, you miss the present,” and honestly, I agree. The planning just helps the day by day seem worth it. It isn’t to say that you should live your life only looking forward to what comes next, but having something to be excited about makes the harder days/weeks/months seem a little easier to cope with.

But we should live in the moment as well. Adventure doesn’t have to be planned or follow itinerary. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing something out of the ordinary. Take a quick daytrip to somewhere an hour or so away. Go see a movie late at night even though you have work in the morning. Check out a new restaurant or bar on the other side of town. Check out a shop you’ve never been in before even if it maybe doesn’t sell things you necessarily care about. Just mix things up.

Routine is good, when it involves accomplishment and making yourself better. When it consumes every hour of your day by making each passing moment identical to its predecessor, then it becomes deadly. Don’t waste your life doing the same thing day by day until you realize there is not time left. Mix it up. Live by living.

Anywho, thanks again to everyone who joined us for the wedding. It was a beautiful day and I am glad to have shared it with everyone who came.

Now, back to work.