Climbing Out

Been a while since I’ve had any sort of consistency with posts, and I’m honestly not going to promise anything this time around.

I’ve found myself just burnt out, exhausted and generally apathetic to most things. Between work, being sick recently, general drama happening around me and a myriad of other obligations it’s been a rough period.

However, I realized the other day something that has been getting to me much worse than any of the stress or drama. I’ve been in a damn RUT lately.

Every day I wake up and my morning plays out mostly the same as previous mornings. I then go to work, which is what it is. I come home and then my evening, similar to my morning, follows a similar routine to evenings I have already experienced. My day-to-day life is honestly a wash of the same activities or environments over and over and over again. It’s like Groundhog Day but disappointing and with a considerably less humorous leading man. Continue reading