^^^Love this song.

Anywho, this post isn’t about the song, awesome though it may be.

I’ve started running again. Moreover, I’ve started running at NIGHT!

Cue “but what about dangerous muggers” talk.

Okay, fair, running at night isn’t for everyone. You certainly want to be in an area where it’s cool to do so and safe to do so. Be it safe from wild animals or wild muggers or the even more terrifying Wyld Stallyns, though then you just get a sweet party in a cool 1980’s styley.
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Witness to Fitness

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For the longest time, I’ve had trouble working exercise regularly into my schedule. I may get back into working out regularly for a few weeks, but then eventually I find myself again skipping out for various reasons: a rough work week, a busy weekend, not feeling well, etc. I haven’t honestly consistently worked out for a few years now, when I used to occasionally run races, and even then it was struggle.

The thing that hinders it the most is that I just can’t seem to log fitness time as a priority. I often find myself thinking how my time could be better spent doing productive things like writing or even just getting things done around the house. I know the concept of not considering exercise a productive activity is a little ridiculous, but it’s just where I’ve always been. Aside from the obvious health benefits, I’ve never been able to see fitness time as productive. I’ve tried plenty of times in the past, but I’m always met by a sub-conscious lump of arguments: Things like “well, I’m not trying to lose weight” or “I have a very active job” or “I get out of the house a lot and stay active.” When I try to get out of there and change my perspective, I’ve only ever been able to counter the arguments with “well, it’s good for me” which, while true, is just a fairly weak argument when I’ve developed such a strong mental block. I needed an argument that helped play fitness directly into the things I saw as productive, so that I could separate deliberate exercise from casual activity and work activity.
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