Guide to Nerd Shopping

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I don’t have very long to write because I still have a Podcast Episode to finalize and packing to do for traveling south for Holiday stuff. Busy time of year. Yeesh.

I did however want to do a quick community service post. This topic hits really close to home for me as I get approached about it quite a lot, specifically like so:

My [FRIEND/RELATION] is really into [HOBBY/COLLECTIBLE]. Which one should I get them?

Okay, at the very get-go, this is nearly impossible for someone to just SOLVE. Namely, the question just doesn’t have enough information. Whether the person is into board games, comics, movies, figures, roleplaying games, or anything, simply approaching someone also familiar with those things and saying “find them a gift” is not going to cut it. Typically, I respond with three questions:

  1. Do you know what they need?
  2. Do they frequently by new [PRODUCT] or just have an extended library of classics?
  3. Do you mind getting them something they potentially already have?

I ask these questions because it helps me dictate what the appropriate item to purchase for a gift should be. To alleviate the NEED for the questions, I’m going to give you the three key gifts for someone with a hobby. This can be anything from tabletop war games to stamp collecting to shoes and clothes. Essentially if there is something that someone spends a distinct portion of their time gathering, learning about and engaging in, here is how to shop for them once the Holidays roll around.

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Guest Post: This Is My Favorite Blog On the Citadel

Week 2 of Guest Blog Month or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Lazy Blogger”

This weeks blog brought to you from one of my closest friends and someone who has gotten me through some rough patches in life. She has a wonderful insight to the power of media and generally just enjoying things.

So enjoy this. Or don’t, if, y’know…. you suck. Your call, jerk.                                  ~C


Christmas is the time of year I love the most. My mother and I have a tradition of leaving the tree up through January. The same handmade skirt has been under every tree I’ve ever had since my very first Christmas in 1986. Even my cat Sciezka loves Christmas time and becomes extremely grumpy when we put presents on what is clearly the best place to take a nap. Taking down the decorations is always a gloomy task for me. Putting away decorations down early (i.e. when Christmas is over like most people) is downright devastating. It’s not much of a surprise. I don’t tire of things easily. My excitement and joy doesn’t diminish when most others are more than ready to move on to the next thing, something new, something else.


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