Roll Call: Always the GM, Never the PC

Let me open by saying I think absolutely everybody should try their hand at GMing an RPG. Find one you like and that you have preferably played before and give it a go. Whether you are doing a pre-written campaign or a fresh bit of homebrew, it is an exquisite, rewarding experience that challenges you creatively.  Continue reading


Sometimes I have people say to me:

“Hey, you watch a lot of movies and read a bunch and stuff. Maybe you should use that blog thing to do some reviews.”

Well, imaginary person, I just don’t know if that’s something I can do.

I actually have a serious problem with many, if not most reviews. I think the main problem is that there exists this idea among people who choose to review things that having a negative opinion somehow makes your opinion smarter. There is a hoard of nearly mindless contrary zombies groaning out whatever sound-bite they’ve decided to latch in on regarding a particular film, and though that is the only real negative aspect they might be able to focus on, they do so with fervor and completely negate any good that may be remaining in the film.  Continue reading